Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions set forth the conditions on which we will provide the services offered through the  pocketwifikorea.com website. These Terms & Conditions are a contract between you (“Customer”) and Pocket WiFi Korea (“We” or “Company”). They cover all payments and services made pursuant to this website.

Before you click on the “Pay with Paypal” Button, please carefully read the terms and conditions set forth hereunder. By making a payment, you are bound by and have become a party to this agreement.

1. Nature of Services

Our service is designed for travelers who plan to visit South Korea from abroad. We provide a wireless modem rental service (the “Pocket WiFi”) and SIM card, along with accessories (collectively the “Equipment”). Please note that we do not sell regarding Equipment on this Website.

2. Booking & Payment

When booking our products (Pocket WiFi and SIM cards) online, you will be asked to choose the rental period or validity dates. Next, you will be asked to select the pickup & return location. If payment is successfully completed, a voucher with a QR code for the reservation number will be sent to your email. It is your responsibility to inspect all equipment upon receipt and verify that it is in good working order and condition.

3. Pick-up & Return


You can pick up products at the airport KT Counter at the arrival hall using the QR code (or 9-digit reservation number) in the voucher.

  • Pocket WiFi
    To pick up your booked Pocket WiFi, you must present a passport and a credit card in your name. The credit card information will be recorded for any additional charges, including extensions, damage, or loss fees. If you cannot provide a credit card, you will not be able to collect the device. Your credit card information will be securely destroyed upon the return of the device.

    • The credit card must have at least 3 months of validity remaining from the date of device pickup.
    • Debit cards or dual-type cards (credit + debit) are not accepted for credit card registration.
    • You may rent up to 5 devices with a single credit card.
  • SIM Card
    A credit card is not required to pick up your SIM Card.

[Return] (for Pocket WiFi)

You must return your Pocket WiFi device by the end date at KT counters. Additional charges will be applied for overdue returns or in case of loss or damage.

4. Fees and Charge (for Pocket WiFi)

(a) Rental Fees
Rental fees for the use of our equipment are assessed commencing as of the start date and ending as of the date on which the equipment is returned. Our current rental fee schedule is posted on our website and may be amended from time to time upon prior notice.

(b) Charges for Damage or Loss of the Equipment
We will bill charges for damage or loss of the equipment. In the event of the loss of the equipment rented, you will be levied the fee below. The staff at the KT counters at airport will charge using your credit card information recorded when you pick up. The company will not accept replacement devices as a substitute for any of these fees.

– Pocket WiFi Device: KRW 100,000 – 200,000 (Differ by device type)
– Battery: KRW 31,000
– Charger: KRW 10,000
– Pouch: KRW 10,000

(c) Late Fees
Failure to return the equipment promptly to us will result in the incurrence of additional late charges. All returns must be made on or before your end date. In the event that we fail to receive the package or any portion of the package after the rental end date, you will incur a daily penalty fee of $3.99 until the date the equipment is received. If the equipment is not returned within 10 working days of your end date, you will incur a final penalty fee for the loss of the package.

5. Extension

[Pocket WiFi]
You can extend your service plan through our email ([email protected]). Please send your request for an extension period with your 9-digit reservation number. The extension fee is $3.99 per day (excluding VAT). Upon your confirmation, you will be able to receive payment mail from PayPal to your email address. After the payment, additional services will be available for you.

[SIM card]
You can extend the term of your SIM card by visiting the KT roaming extension page (https://roaming.kt.com/ib/eng/exu/ext_inquiry.asp). You have the option to extend the period in increments of 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 days.

6. Cancellation (Refund)

If, for any reason, you need to cancel your booking, please contact our email ([email protected]) as soon as possible. You can do so without penalty before your start date. For Pocket WiFi, the rental fees for the period you had the device will be exempt from the refund.

7. Ownership of Equipment (for Pocket WiFi)

By using this service, you confirm that you agree and acknowledge you are renting equipment for travel purposes only and that you will acquire no rights to the equipment.

8. Policy of Fair Usage of Data Communication

When the mobile network provider in Korea identifies a massive volume of data communication, the communication volume for the line may be limited without prior notice in order to maintain network quality and fair radio wave usage. For this reason, the internet connection may be lost, or the communication speed may decrease.
If a customer’s mobile communication devices are subject to usage restrictions due to the reasons mentioned above, the company will not be held responsible. In such cases, the customer is expected to pay the usage fees to the company.

9. Dispute resolution

The parties agree that this agreement will be governed by South Korean law, and all disputes shall be filed and proceeded according to the South Korean legal system.