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Product Details
Speed 4G LTE
Data amount Unlimited
Carrier KT Olleh
Hotspot Yes
Coverage All over South Korea
Extend/topup Available
* Over 3GB in a day, limited at the speed of 5Mbps
* Days counted by hours from the moment the SIM card is activated.

  The reasons to book now

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
Book for Tomorrow
Present e-voucher

How to make a phone call

To make a phone call, you need to charge call & text credits immediately
upon picking up the SIM card at the counter.
Tell the staff that you want to charge the credits, then they will help you.
To make a phone call, you need to charge call & text credits immediately upon picking up the SIM card at the counter. Tell the staff that you want to charge the credits, then they will help you.

Voice/Text Outgoing Fee

VAT included


Korea – Korea

 4.4 KRW second
 110 KRW message

Korea – Overseas

 See details >
 330 KRW message

· Call & text fees will deducted from your credit automatically.
· You’ll receive a text message infroming your remaining credit balance at the end of each call.

Minimum Charge Cost

VAT included

5,500 KRW
about 4 USD

By charging ₩5,500, you can make about 20 minutes call or send about 50 texts.

Top-up available
amount +

If you need more credits during use, visit the KT Roaming top-up page.

If you don’t charge call & text credits immediatly at the counter,

* It will ONLY support data and free incoming calls & texts. (Text messages from restaurants and websites may not be received.)
* You will get the number starting with ‘012’, which you cannot make a call or send a message with.
* You cannot charge call & text credits while the ‘012’ number is in use.
* Once you receive a number starting with ‘012’, you cannot change it to a number starting with ‘010’.

Benefits from Unlimited Korea SIM Card

High-speed Data

Enjoy 4G/LTE speed data throughout South Korea

Seoul, Busan, Jeju, and all across South Korea, You will be able to get connected. No issues finding attractions on Naver Maps or using Kakao Taxi on the streets. Share your travel experience in real-time on SNS!

Reliable Network

Experience high-quality network from domestic No.1 carrier, KT

KT Olleh is the leading local carrier in South Korea and has been a bestseller among travelers for a while. It ensures a reliable and stable network for your wonderful travel experience.

Pick-up at airports

Easily pick-up at the major airports and start your journey

Get connected as soon as arrive in South Korea. There are KT counters at major airports in Korea; Incheon, Gimpo, and Gimhae airports. You can easily complete the pickup process with an E-voucher.

Extend & Top-up

Extend SIM card validity and top-up for more calls & texts

Don’t worry about changing your itinerary. You can extend validity according to your schedule, and you can also top up additional credits for outgoing calls & texts.

Booking & Pick-up Steps

3 steps to get connected in Korea with the prepaid unlimited Korea SIM Card

Book Prepaid Korea SIM Card online

choose the days you need,
choose a pick-up location,
and select the pick-up date before making the payment.

Receive voucher promptly via email

An e-voucher containing a QR code will be delivered to your email within minutes.
If you don’t receive it, please contact us at [email protected].
(Check your spam or ensure sufficient space in your email inbox.)
For modification or cancelation, please contact us at least two days before the pick-up date.

Pick up your Prepaid Korea SIM card!

Requirement: Voucher and passport

Find the ‘KT counter’ at the designated location.
If you need to make calls and send SMS, please inform the staff.
If you don’t get the SIM Card on the pick-up date, the booking will be automatically cancelled the next day.

How to Use

Follow the SIM Card installation and activation guide
  • To use the Korea SIM Card, the country lock on your device must be turned off.
  • After installing the SIM, the device may need to be turned on/off up to 5 times to recognize the SIM.
  • Video calls may be unusable according to your mobile phone model.
  • This SIM card can be used with WCDMA devices.
  • The SIM should be used within 30 days after purchase. Otherwise, it will expire.

Installation and Activation

  1. Turn off the mobile phone power, install the SIM into the SIM card slot
  2. Activate the device, disable WiFi and flight mode, and enable Data Network.
  3. Check if the antenna signal is strong after a double reboot.
  1. Disable WiFi and flight mode, and enable Data Network.
  2. Turn off the mobile phone power, and install the SIM into the SIM card slot.
  3. Check if the antenna signal is strong after a double reboot.

Important Information

Things you need to know before booking our prepaid Korea SIM Card
  • Please make a reservation at least 1 day in advance as same-day reservations are not available.
  • If the pickup date is more than 60 days from the reservation date, then the voucher will be sent 60 days before the pickup date instead of immediately.
  • To cancel or change your reservation, please send an email to [email protected] at least two days before the start date.
  • To pick up, present your voucher and passport at the designated pick-up location.
  • The voucher is only valid on the designated pickup date. Booking is automatically canceled after the pick-up date.

Pick-up Location

Our pick-up location for your prepaid Korea SIM card

The Arrival Hall on the 1st floor of Terminal 1

Find the KT counters on the map

Location & Hours

Location Working Hours
1 Near Arrival Hall F (Opposite to the EXIT 13) 24 hours
2 Near Arrival Hall A (Opposite to the EXIT 2) 06:00 – 22:00

The Arrival Hall on the 1st floor of Terminal 2

Find the KT counters on the map

Location & Hours

Location Working Hours
1 Between Exit 2 – 3

(Next to the Information Desk)

24 hours

Arrival Hall on the 1st floor

Find the KT counters on the map

Location & Hours

Location Working Hours
1 Next to Exit 1 06:30 – 23:00

Arrival Hall on the 1st floor

Find the KT counters on the map

Location & Hours

Location Working Hours
1 Between Exit 2 – 3 06:00 – 22:00

International Passenger Terminal on the 2nd floor

Find the KT counters on the map

Location & Hours

Location Working Hours
1 GATE 4 10:30 – 19:30

Looking for more information?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions


Unfortunatly, we don’t offer delivery service at this time. Kindly request you pick up your SIM card at the KT counter located at major airports and the harbor.

To pick up your sim card, present the mobile voucher and your passport to the staff at the counter. Please note that the voucher is valid only at the designated pick-up date.

Please make a reservation at least one day before your pickup date. Once you make a reservation, it will be confirmed within 5 minutes, and the voucher will be sent to you. However, if you are reserving for a pickup date more than 60 days in advance, the reservation will be confirmed 60 days prior to the pickup date, and the voucher will be sent at that time.

If you need the Korean number starting with ‘010’, please book the type of ‘Prepaid SIM’, and charge outgoing calls and SMS credits upon pick-up. Otherwise, even if you booked a ‘Prepaid SIM’, your SIM card will support only data and incoming calls and SMS.


Any modification can be accept until at least two days before the pick-up date.

Please contact us at [email protected].

All of our locations are operated by our trusted partners, allowing you the flexibility to visit any available location according to your schedule without needing to modify your reservation. Please note that each counter may have different operating hours, so we recommend checking the operating hours carefully before visiting.

If you don’t pick up on the booked date, the booking will be automatically canceled the next day. Please contact [email protected] to make a new booking or get a full refund.

Extension & Top-up

To charge the credit for outgoing calls and SMS, please visit the KT roaming top-up page. Charging additional credits are only available for the ‘Prepaid SIM,’ if you use ‘Prepaid Data SIM,’ the charging is unavailable. Please note that the minimum charging amount is KRW 5,500 (VAT included).

To extend the term of your SIM card, please visit the KT roaming extension page. You can extend the period in increments of 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 days.

Call & SMS

You can make an international call by dialing ‘001 + country code + phone number’.

International call rates vary by country, Please refer to the international calling fee.

You can make outgoing calls for about 21 minutes and send 50 messages with a charge of KRW 5,500.

Change & Refund

If you have yet to pick it up, please contact us at [email protected]. We’ll get you the help you need.

After pick-up, please visit the KT roaming extension page to extend the terms.

Cancellation is acceptable until two days before the pick-up date, and after that, cancellation and a refund are not possible. If you want to cancel the booking, please contact us as soon as possible.

Our Partners & SNS

Korea SIM Card — 4G LTE Unlimited Data Prepaid SIM — is ready for pick up at Incheon International Airport, promising whole coverage throughout South Korea. Once you charge credit for calls and texts at the pick-up booth, you will receive a Korean phone number starting with 010.

Discover more about Unlimited Korea SIM Card

Experience seamless connectivity with our 4G LTE Unlimited data prepaid SIM card, including a local Korean number, starting at just $17.99 for 3 days. Your exclusive Korean SIM card is available for pickup at four major airports and harbors in Korea: Incheon Intl. Airport terminals 1 & 2, Gimpo Intl. Airport, Gimhae Intl. Airport, and Busan Harbor. With your Korean local number provided upon charging call credit, you can enjoy the convenience of Korean delivery apps and taxi services, and smooth completion of Q-Code and K-ETE procedures. Powered by Korea’s top network provider, KT (Korea Telecom), enjoys stable and fast mobile data.

Unlimited Korea SIM card provides a range of validity options tailored to your trip to Korea, including 3, 5, 10, 20, or 30 days. Enjoy a 4G LTE Unlimited prepaid SIM card starting from $17.99 to $64.99. We offer a generous daily allowance of 3GB of 4G LTE data — three times more than what most tourists typically require. Once you reach the daily limit, data speeds remain fast at 5Mbps, ensuring uninterrupted video streaming. Our SIM card covers major destinations such as Seoul, Busan, Jeju, and all across South Korea. You can easily top up or extend the SIM card if you need more data or plan to stay longer. Utilize our SIM card to access mobile data just like a local Korean, ensuring you stay connected and enjoy seamless internet access throughout your trip.

To maximize the utility of a Korean phone number, you’ll need to top up call and text credit when picking up the Prepaid Korea SIM card at the counter. The minimum charge required is 5,500 KRW (Korean Won), equivalent to approximately 20 minutes of calls or 50 text messages. For domestic calls within Korea, the rate is 4.4 KRW per second for voice calls and 110 KRW per message for text messages. International calls from Korea to overseas destinations are charged at a rate of 330 KRW per message. Voice call rates vary depending on the country. Both voice calls and texts can be topped up as needed. Furthermore, with a Korean phone number (012), incoming calls and texts are free of charge, even if you choose not to top up credit. Experience crystal-clear voice calls and seamless text messaging, just like a local Korean, with our Korea Unlimited SIM card.

Explore the Benefits of the Unlimited Korea SIM Card

Feel free to book our excellent Unlimited Korea SIM card without hesitation, as you can cancel your reservation for a SIM card without incurring any fees. Upon completing your booking, you won’t need to wait days for confirmation as it will be processed instantly. You can even book the SIM card for tomorrow. Simply present your e-voucher at the pick-up booth located at four major airports and harbors to start your connection to unlimited 4G LTE coverage throughout South Korea.

Enhance your South Korea trip with the Korea Unlimited SIM card, offering seamless and reliable high-speed mobile data for hassle-free navigation using Naver Maps and sharing your adventures on social media. Powered by KT (Korea Telecom), South Korea’s top carrier, it ensures a stable network throughout your journey. Conveniently pick up your SIM card at major airports like Incheon, Gimpo, and Gimhae, and start your connectivity as soon as you arrive. Extend your SIM card’s validity and top up for additional calls and texts to accommodate any changes in your itinerary. Share the convenience of 4G LTE mobile data with your loved ones in Korea with our Korea Unlimited SIM card. Stay connected and explore South Korea effortlessly together.

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Julie Shuff

easy to find the kiosk, easy to set up, worked great the entire time. only thing that could be better is if it was 5G instead of LTE, but did not impact my use or my trip in any way!

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Unlimited Korea SIM Card, Julie!
We're glad to hear that everything worked smoothly and that our kiosk was easy to locate.
We appreciate your feedback regarding the network speed and will definitely take it into consideration for future improvements.
We hope to serve you again in the future.

Cole Kowitz

Unlimited Korea SIM Card


Unlimited Korea SIM Card

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Unlimited Korea SIM Card, Walter.
We noticed that your review didn't include any specific feedback.
We strive to provide the best service possible, and your input is essential in helping us improve.
If you encountered any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to share them with us.
We're here to assist you and ensure your experience meets your expectations.


All perfect. Collecting the SIM has been easy, the connection was fast and stable.

We appreciate your positive feedback and are delighted to learn that your experience with our service was seamless, FP.
The ease of collecting the SIM and the fast, stable connection are aspects we strive to provide, and we're thrilled to hear that we met your expectations.
Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving you again in the future.
If there's anything specific you enjoyed or if you have any suggestions, feel free to share.
Thank you for choosing our service!


Unlimited Korea SIM Card