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Rental Service in Korea

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Explore anywhere in Korea
with your Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi Korea is a personal & portable WiFi hotspot.
Easily pick it up and drop it off at the airport.
Stay connected seamlessly up to 3 devices at once.
Surf freely with Unlimited 4G LTE speed & No. 1 network KT.

Rent 2 devices, Get 10% off

Rent 3 devices, Get 15% off

Rent 4+ devices, Get 20% off

What is Pocket WiFi Korea?

It’s a compact modem and router in one, small enough to take with you
so you can stay connected on up to 3 compatible devices during your stay in Korea

High Speed Unlimited Data

Experience 4G LTE internet speed with unlimited data throughout your stay in Korea

High Quality Network

Stay connected to a reliable and stable network provided by the No. 1 local network, ‘Korea Telecom’

Nationwide Coverage

Enjoy seamless and ubiquitous coverage all over the country

Simultaneous Connection

Connect up to 3 devices simultaneously to share with your friends and family

say about us

“Pocket WiFi Korea kept me connected the entire time. WiFi connection was better than I ever could have imagined. Every morning, I would simply tuck the device into my coat pocket and I had service all day long…”


Vincent Leung

Teacher, Hong Kong

“This device exceeded my expectations. I was able to use the hotspot everywhere in Seoul. I felt so tech-savvy! Thank you for the great service.”


John Thompson

Researcher, Canada

“I’ve used the wifi egg for 3 weeks. It was very easy to use and reliable during my whole stay. The connection was stable and the battery lasted for about 6 hours at least. I will definitely use it again!”


Peter Ulrich

Businessman, Czech Republic

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