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Top 5 Dessert Cafes in Seoul

August 18, 2017
C27 Have cheesecake and say cheese 1.  Specializes in cheese cake. Enjoy 27 different types of cheese cakes.   2.  Have you ever seen a cheesecake actually shaped like a cheese cake? Well at C27 you can see it for...
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Top 3 Breweries in Korea

August 17, 2017
Korea Craft Brewery Have a cup of beer ‘culture’ 1.  Many exciting tour courses to choose from! Sampling event, beer bus and so much more. 2.  Not just a place for sharing beer. Explore more about the culture of beer...
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Top 5 Beaches Close to Seoul

August 16, 2017
Busan Haeundae Beach The Hottest Beach in Korea <2hr 15min using KTX from Seoul Station> 1.  Young energy, lively vibe describes this beach well. It is one of the most packed beaches in Korea (Korean and Foreigners love it!) 2....
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Top 3 Water Leisure Places near Seoul

August 14, 2017
Gapyeong Camptong Water park and water sports all in one 1.  You want to enjoy water park and water sports at the same time? You have found just the right place.   2.  No worries about accommodations! You can find the best...
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청평힐리조트1 (수정)

Top 3 Glamping Grounds in Korea

August 10, 2017
Cheong Pyeong Hill Resort Make an unforgettable luxurious experience for family or friends 1.  Camp in a way you have never before using luxurious caravans and tents that will exceed your expectations of the wilderness. 2.  Want more activities? Try...
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Best 5 ski and snowboarding resorts in South Korea

February 21, 2017
Korea is one of those countries that are blessed with many mountains. Actually a whole 70 % of its landscape is mountains! No wonder you can find ski and snowboarding resorts all over the peninsula! Most of the ski and snowboarding resorts are...
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korean karaoke

Norebang or The crazy awesome Korean Karaoke

November 11, 2015
Strolling down into any Korean streets (especially entertainment or student district) it’s a tough chance you haven’t seen the 노래방  neon flashing sign! 노래방 or norebang  literally meaning ‘song room’ aka what westerners refer as to karaoke! Korean karaoke became popular in the 80’s and...
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