pocket wifi korea. korea wifi egg
WiFi Egg, WiFi Egg Korea

It’s a compact modem and router in one, small enough to take with you

so you can stay connected on up to 5 compatible devices during your stay in Korea.

What’s included in the rental package?

Pocket WiFi

Battery (installed)

USB Cable

Charging Adapter

Instruction Manual

How does it work?

1. Turn on device

No setup, or cables required.

Creates a wireless hotspot 10 meters around you.

2. Connect to network

Search for WiFi networks on your smartphones or computers.

Choose the SSID number which is written on your Pocket WiFi.

Enter the KEY attached to the Pocket WiFi.

3. Enjoy the internet

Fits in your pocket – take it anywhere.

Connects 5 devices at the same time.

5 to 7 hours battery life.


What others say about Pocket WiFi Korea

This device exceeded my expectations. I was able to use the hotspot everywhere in Seoul. I felt so tech-savvy! Thank you for the great service.
John Thompson, Researcher, Canada
I traveled to Korea for holidays and Pocket WiFi Korea kept me connected the entire time. Whether I was accessing Google Maps, or looking up restaurant reviews on the Trip Advisor, or even simply uploading a new Instagram, the WiFi connection was better than I ever could have imagined. Every morning, I would simply tuck the device into my coat pocket and I had service all day long…
Vincent Leung, Teacher, Hong Kong
I recently rented your device for a trip to Korea and LOVED it! Thank you for the wonderful service!!
Tan Wei Wong, News Reporter, Singapore

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