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Top 5 Christmas Hot Spots

December 21, 2017
Grand Hyatt Ice Rink A romantic skate 1.  Enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights around the ice rink and on the trees! 2.  No need to worry about being too cold! There are heaters set up all around and also check...
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Top 5 Food Related Fall Festivals

November 7, 2017
Jeonju Bibimbap Festival Experience the biggest pot of Bibimbap in Korea 1.  You aren’t done with experiencing the culture of Bibimbap if you haven’t yet eaten all 33 different themes of Bibimbap. 2.  You will also be able to make...
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Top 3 Lotte World Festivals

October 31, 2017
Horror Halloween See two sides of Halloween 1.  During the day enjoy cute rides, lovely, adorable parades and plays with food decorated for Halloween. 2.  When night comes get a realistic zombie make-over, fight zombies and enjoy the scariest day....
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Top 5 Korean Fall Festivals

October 25, 2017
Seoul Eulalia Festival A way to welcome autumn 1.  Enjoy the beautiful night view of Seoul that is only for seven days of the festival. 2.  Known as one of the most dynamic festivals in Seoul with its 7 different...
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Top 3 Unique School Festivals

October 18, 2017
Dongguk University Festival Celebrate Buddha’s Birthday! 1.  Enjoy the festival while looking at the colorful lotus lanterns and the Noble Eightfold Path!! 2.  Take a walk to the Namsan tower afterward to see the beautiful nightscape of Seoul. More Info...
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Top 5 Memorable Festivals in Fall

August 29, 2017
Night of Jeonju & Heritage Story The Night of Joseon Dynasty 1.  Embrace the elegant night of Jeonju, where the oldest dynasty of Korea, Joseon, began. 2.  Have fun with numerous programs starting from night performances to vivid story telling....
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2017 January to February Winter Festivals in Korea

January 20, 2017
Pyeongchang Trout Festival When?   December 31, 2016 to January 30, 2017 Where?   3562, Gyeonggang-ro, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do What’s it about?   At Pyeongchang Trout Festival, visitors can participate in festival activities such as cutting a hole through the ice to catch fish....
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