Service Usage Guide

Pick-up & Return

  • Prepare the booking voucher, passport, and credit card in your name for identification and registering payment information in case of additional charges.
  • During the registration payment process, the staff at the counter will charge KRW 1,004 on your credit card to check its availability, then cancel the transaction immediately.
    • The expiration date on your credit card must be at least 3 months away from the pick-up date.
    • Debit cards or dual type cards (credit + debit) cannot be used for credit card registration.
    • You can rent up to 5 devices using a single credit card.
  • You’ll be asked to sign a rental agreement and consent to the collection, entrustment, or provision of personal information.
  • Please let us know in advance if you need to pick up or drop off at a location other than the pre-determined location.

Location Map

The arrivals on the 1st floor in the 1st passenger terminal

Find the “KT counter” referring the map

Between GATE 10~11
Between GATE 4~5
Between GATE 6~7

Location & Hours

LocationWorking Hours
1Between GATE 10~1124 hours
2Between GATE 6~706:00 ~ 22:00

The arrivals on the 1st floor in the 2nd passenger terminal

In front of the entrance of PARIS BAGUETTE
Next to the Information Desk between No.2 and No.3 exit

Location & Hours

 LocationWorking Hours
1Next to the Information Desk
between No.2 and No.3 exit
24 hours

1st Floor Entry Place

Gimpo Int'l Airport
beside GATE 1

Location & Hours

 LocationWorking Hours
1beside GATE 106:30 ~ 23:00

1st Floor Entry Place

Gimhae int'l Airport

Location & Hours

 LocationWorking Hours
1GATE 306:00 ~ 22:00

International Passenger Terminal 2nd floor


Location & Hours

 LocationWorking Hours
1GATE 410:30 ~ 19:30

Change the booking

  • If you have any changes, please contact us as soon as possible. Changes are acceptable at least 2 days before your pick-up date.
  • If the reservation changes, we’ll issue a new voucher. Please destroy your old voucher as it is no longer valid.
  • If you return late, a late fee will be charged at the counter. The late fee is KRW 3,300 per day.


  • You can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • Please refer to How It Works page or manuals provided at the counter for how to use WiFi device.
  • Please refer to Troubleshooting page or manuals provided if you face any problems using WiFi device.

Lost and Damaged

  • In case of damage or loss, penalties will be charged as follows according to the rental agreement.
    • Pocket WiFi Device: KRW 150,000 – 200,000 (Differ by device type)
    • Pouch: KRW 10,000
    • Portable Charger: KRW 30,000
    • USB Cable & Charging Adapter: KRW 10,000

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