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What is Wifi Egg?


What is WiFi Egg?

1. WiFi Egg is a battery powered device which enables you a wireless internet access anywhere you go in Korea. The term WiFi Egg is used exclusively in Korea and has the same meaning with words like Pocket WiFi and MiFi.

2. You can also make it a wifi hotspot, allowing multiple devices to connect at one go.

3. Laptops, smartphones and tablets can all connect to it.

4. Has a speed of 10-100 Mbps.

5. And a long lasting battery life (up to 8 hours).

6. The devices are of a similar size to a credit card which makes it very easy to carry around or put in your pocket.

7. And lastly the internet access is unlimited!

Nowadays the internet has become one of the many must have companions of travelers. Not only does it allow to stay connected and easily share our special moments and adventures with our family and friends (for free!) at all times, many touristic sites offer a downloadable audio tour guide on the go. Moreover, long searching of a good restaurant in a new place is also no longer a big hassle anymore. Just by entering a few keywords in the search engine and voila a delicious traditional Korean restaurant is found!

So how do you stay connected in Korea at all times and all places?
The answers is with a WiFi Egg! Pocket WiFi Korea offers the best pocket wifi service in Korea when it comes to fast speed and great price. Over 15,000 customers have used our products and we currently have one of the best positive ratings in Korea.

Best Pocket WiFi Korea, Wifi Egg Korea

We wish you an amazing and pleasant time in Korea! I hope I fully replied to your question of “What is Wifi Egg”. Please check back soon for more updates.

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