Thinking of studying in Korea? Part 2

The Korean universities are some of the best in the world with top academic programs open to international students. Since most universities are located in or near Seoul, there is no shortage of activities for students.

Let’s have a look at some of the best universities in Korea (focus on Seoul)  that are popular among foreign students!

Korea University

Korea University’s reputation for quality is based on excellence in teaching and research as well as service to Korean society. In fact, 25% of CEOs and politicians in Korea are Korea University (KU) alumni. A major comprehensive university of 33,000 students, KU offers a rich variety of courses in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as in the professional fields of law, medicine, and business administration. As a global university, it comprises numerous international programs and foreign faculty.


With its majestic gothic architecture, sprawling lawns, seasonal trees, and abundant flowers, Korea University’s 128-acre campus is considered one of the most beautiful in Seoul. The campus is only a 10 minute subway ride from the Seoul city center.

2. Housing and meals

Students live at CJ International House. Designed as a hotel-type residential facility, it is equipped with study rooms, lounges, conference rooms, and a fitness center, allowing its residents to live and study comfortably and conveniently. All halls and rooms are smoke-free. Bathroom facilities are connected to the suite and are shared by suitemates. A monthly meal stipend is provided.

3. International One-Stop Service Center

The International One-Stop Service Center (IOSC) was established to foster the international sprit of Korea University and to offer various one-stop services and convenient facilities to international students. IOSC services include counseling, immigration affairs, and campus guidance. It also provides information about school life at KU, internships, job opportunities, off-campus accommodations, various field trips, and cultural activities in Korea. In the IOSC, internet access is available, and students can watch TV there or read newspapers and magazines.

Korea University

Yonsei University

The oldest private university in Korea, Yonsei University was first established in 1885 to educate leaders who would contribute to humanity in the spirit of truth and freedom. The 300,000 Yonsei alumni who took this calling to heart can be found in leadership positions around the world. Yonsei has 3,460 eminent faculty members who conduct cutting-edge research across all academic disciplines. It also has 19 graduate schools, 17 colleges, and 133 subsidiary institutions. The student body is taken from the top 1% of high school graduates in Korea, and the international student population is about 2,700. Yonsei is proud of its history and reputation as a leading institution of higher education and research in Asia.

1. Campus

Yonsei University’s main campus is ensconced in a spacious, picturesque, and natural setting located minutes away from the economic, political, and cultural centers of Seoul’s metropolitan area. Yonsei University has a 245 -acre campus in the lovely wooded hills of western Seoul, 20 minutes from downtown by bus or subway.

2. Housing and meals

Students are housed in double-occupancy rooms at the SK Global House and International House. Meal stipends are provided. The SK Global House is available for families or couples. If an ISEP student wants to live off-campus with a spouse or family, a housing benefit can be provided as a stipend. The amount is the same as the on-campus housing fee.

3. Student Union building

Yonsei’s Student Union houses a post office, bank, stationary store, bookstore, shoe repair shop, barber shop, cafeteria, optical shop, photo shop, travel agency, souvenir store, snack shop, health dispensary, Global Lounge, student club offices, and a small theater.

4. Student activities

4.1 Yonsei University holds many events and activities throughout the year. Two of the most noteworthy events to participate in are the annual Spring Mu-Ak Festival and the annual Yonsei-Korea University Friendship Games held in the fall. In addition, students, famous musicians, and vocal artists also perform concerts throughout the year.

4.2 The Mentors Club encourages interaction between international and regular Yonsei students through the Buddy Program. International students are matched with Yonsei students in pairs based on their interests, hobbies, and goals. The Buddy Program aims to promote community, friendship, and continuing cultural learning and interaction through shared experiences.

4.3 The International Yonsei Club (IYC) is composed of Yonsei students interested in building stronger ties between Korea and the rest of the world. IYC is an excellent place to make new friends. It arranges retreats, activities, language exchanges, and forums. All are welcome to join.

yonsei university

Seoul National University

Since its beginning, SNU has been the cradle of liberal education and fostered a lifelong love of learning students. In their commitment to prepare students to work and live in an increasingly competitive global environment, SNU trains the most outstanding students in Korea in a wide array of areas in its undergraduate, master’s and doctorate programs. Its freshmen belong to the top 2.5% of those who take the National University Entrance Examination. Faculty members at SNU are also highly qualified, with a talent for scholarship and a dedication to teaching. Of all faculty members, 96.5% have doctoral degrees, most of which have been earned from prestigious universities around the world. The resulting report of satisfaction level among the graduates and career advantage is the highest in the nation.

1. Campus life

SNU offers a wealth of invaluable academic and cultural resources. Public lectures and forums are daily events and visits from renowned international speakers are common. It also has two nationally acclaimed museums, both of which add to the cultural vibrancy of the campus. Facilities like a medical center, a counseling service and recreational and sporting centers add to the convenience and quality of life on campus. In addition, SNU is famous as a high technology campus, with its wireless networks and a high-speed gigabyte backbone network for general operations.

2. Housing

SNU offers on-campus accommodation to most of the foreign students who are in degree programs or exchange programs.

3.Student activities

There are over 100 student clubs and organizations that are affiliated with SNU. These include sports, cultural gatherings, performing arts, religious clubs, and more. Students also can participate in a various student activities organized by school and student association. Participation in these clubs and activities is the best way to make friends, develop responsibilities, and refine leadership qualities. This will enable you to grow and to learn from new experiences around campus.

seoul national university

Ewha Women’s University

Although traditionally a women’s university, Ewha Womans University is open to male and female international students. About 30% of all international students are male.

Today, Ewha Womans University is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. Ewha’s excellent academic programs and distinguished faculty have fostered numerous female leaders and significantly contributed to the development of Korean society. In 1995 and 2005, according to the Korean Council for University Education and National Consumer Satisfaction Index, Ewha was ranked the top university in Korea. Total enrollment is over 24,000 students.

1. Campus

Ewha Womans University is situated in the exciting Shinchon area of Seoul, about 10 minutes by subway or bus from downtown Seoul. Ewha Campus Complex, designed by the prominent French architect Dominique Perrault, is one of the most beautiful campus facilities in the world and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as e-learning classrooms, cafés, a movie theater, art hall, and shops.

2. Housing and meals

Students are housed in double-occupancy rooms at the International House (I-House). The I House provides opportunities to share cultural diversity among the residents with various backgrounds. Internet access is available in all rooms. Subsidiary facilities include two computer labs, two laundry rooms, reading rooms, seminar rooms, kitchenettes, ironing rooms, a gym, a lounge, and a convenience store. Students receive a stipend to purchase meals each semester.

3. Student activities

Ewha PEACE (Professional Ewhaians at Cultural Exchange) Buddies: Ewha offers the Buddy program to facilitate initial contact with Korean students and adjustmentment to a new environment. Before you come to Ewha, selected buddies will contact you via email. Their activities are devoted to helping international students with their cultural immersion experiences and education at Ewha. Ewha buddies help with course registration, opening bank accounts, campus tour, registering with the immigration office, etc. Also, buddies organize their own programs to provide students with cultural experiences to make their stay in Seoul more memorable and exciting. These programs include welcoming parties, chances to view Korean arts performances, opportunities to dance at exciting night clubs, excursions to the suburbs of Seoul, visits to historic sites in Seoul, and weekend trips.

International Pot (I-Pot): Ewha provides I-Pot, where you can have a chance to introduce your own culture, people, and country to international and Ewha students while also learning about other countries as well. This is done with the help of the I-Pot Organizing Committee staff members who experienced studying abroad themselves.

ewha women's university

One semester is definitely not enough for this destination!