Thinking of studying in Korea? Part 1

study in korea

Has your fascination of Korea gone so far you are even considering to study here? Or would you like to enrol to one of the best universities in the world and learn from the best? If your answer is yes, continue on reading why studying in Korea might be the right choice for you!

1. Quality of Education

The academic environment in Korea is highly competitive. Koreans take education – particularly higher education – very seriously. Korea has a number of prestigious universities, and most of these are located in Seoul. Attending one of the universities is seen as a prerequisite for success in Korean society.

There are a variety of fields of study available for international students considering studying in Korea. The most popular fields of study in Korea are in the arts and science, closely followed by business-related courses. If you are an international student interested in any of these fields, enrolling in a South Korean university will ensure that you get the very best education Korea has to offer.

2. Rich Culture & Dynamic Life

Experience one of the most dynamic cultures in Asia! Korea is perfect for the active student seeking a vibrant international social scene in a setting that satisfies both the traditional enthusiast and modern urbanite.

As a country that preserved its old tradition and culture, Korea has developed many unique cultural heritage and traditions. Various features of Korea’s culture can be seen in Korean society to this day. On the other hand the Korean wave that began with Korean dramas has now developed into a general affection for Korean culture and language, and the recent popularity of K-Pop demonstrates that the Korean wave is not simply a Korean phenomenon but rather a truly global wave.

3. Low Tuition & Living Cost

Compared to English speaking countries such as the U.S, Canada, and Britain, Korea has relatively lower cost of study considering both tuition and living cost. Korea does not impose additional fees for foreign students, and there are many scholarship programs for foreign students, allowing them to come study in Korea without economic distress. Especially, as the Korean Government recently announced substantial support and deregulation for foreign students regarding scholarship, dormitory, part time jobs, and employment after graduation, studying in Korea has become more convenient and possible with less cost.

4. Language requirements

Many universities offer courses in certain subjects and majors in English, with some schools offering nearly a third of their courses in the language. English-language courses are more common at graduate level. Overseas students who want to study in English or Korean must to prove their language proficiency, if the language is not their native tongue. Schools differ on types of language exam scores they accept, so it is important to check with individual schools about their requirements.

5. Support for Careers

Employment Exhibitions are held every year for foreign students to help them with employment in Korea, as well as through foreign students’ employment support homepage (, employment information is provided to foreign students. Especially, with the gold card system for graduates of advanced technology field and science are helped out  with the employment and visa issuance of foreign students.
For foreign students attending undergraduate or master/doctorate course in Korean universities, or language school students of 6 months after entrance to Korea, they can legally have part time jobs after receiving activity permit beyond resident qualification. Part time job information can be acquired through school employment centres and regional newspapers.

6. Employment Opportunities

Studying in South Korea will open up a wide range of employment opportunities for you. Graduates from Korean universities are highly sought after by employers all over the world. In addition, the South Korean economy is extremely stable, assuring you a financially secure future following graduation.