Summer Festivals in Korea – July

Festivals. Of all sizes and all kinds, to please all tastes. For families and for singles. For seniors and for the young. In gorgeous cities and beaches….

So what’s happening in July?

1. Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival

When: July 10  – July 19, 2015
Where: Seodong Park and Gungnamji Pond area in Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Description: The Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival is held at Gungnamji, Korea’s first man-made pond, which was created near the royal palace by King Muwang (r. 600-641 AD) of the Baekje Kingdom (18 BC – 660 AD). The most popular performance at the festival is the love story between Prince Seodong (King Muwang’s childhood name) and Princess Seonhwa. Other programs include lotus face-painting, drinking lotus tea, making lotus soap, and an art contest.

2. Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

When: July 16 – July 26, 2015
Where: Official Theaters: Bucheon City Hall, Korea Manhwa Content Agency, CGV Sopung, CGV Bucheon, Special Theaters: Bucheon Gym, Bucheon Grass Square, Sosa & Ojeonggu 2 outdoor theaters
* The above venues are tentative.
Description: Movies are shown throughout the entire festival period and audiences can attend discussions with film directors. This unique film festival screens movies from all over the world and from a variety of genres, including horror, mystery, thriller, and sci-fi.

3. Boryeong Mud Festival

When: July 17  – July 26, 2015
Where: Daecheon Beach Mud Square in Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Description: At the Boryeong Mud Festival, visitors jump in a huge pool of mud for more than just fun, as Boryeong mud is well-known for its excellent quality and efficacy. This fun, action-packed festival is popular among local and international visitors because it offers various programs such as the mud massage pack, colored-mud body painting, and mud soap-making. To take a break from the festival mayhem, head on over to the mud massage zone for a little R&R.

4. Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival

When: July 22  – July 26, 2015
Where: Daegu Duryu Park and area
Description: The Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival (대구치맥페스티벌) celebrates what Koreans love to enjoy, chicken with beer, and will take place at Duryu Park in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. Over 620,000 people attended over the course of the festival in 2014, and as many as one million are expected for the festival in 2015. This year’s festival will include a music festival and industrial culture festival, making the entire festival a place overflowing with youthful energy.

5. Pohang International Fireworks Festival

When: July 30  – August 2, 2015
Where: Hyeongsangang Sports Park, Yeongildae Northern Beach and others, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Description: The Pohang International Fireworks Festival offers fantastic views of the night sky as it is lit up by fireworks made by representatives from different countries during the international fireworks contest in Pohang, a coastal town famous for its sunrise. Festivities include the light parade, live beach concerts, light art contests, and much more.

With so many great festivals to choose from, it’s easy to find many ways to enjoy your summer in Korea!