Korea’s Top 5 Beaches of 2014

5 Best Beaches in Korea

hyeopjae beach in jejubest beach in korea

1. Hyeopjae Beach in Jeju Island

The beautiful white color of the sand comes from the large amounts of crushed seashells that have been mixed in with the sand. The long seashore stretches for 9 km and has cobalt colored seawater and evergreen forests scattered around the vicinity, making the scenery very beautiful. The sight is all the more beautiful because of the black basalt on one side of the sandy plain, and the view of Biyangdo Island from the ocean. Hyeopjae Beach is a great place for novice swimmers because the waters are shallow and the coast is very gently sloped. The sand is relatively firm, making it just right for a stroll. When you have had enough swimming for the day, you can visit Hallim Park, which is just a five-minute walk away. Hallim Park is abundant with subtropical plants, which makes as a good place to rest in a shady spot to escape the heat.

naksan beach korea

2. Naksan Beach in Gangwon-do

Naksan beach is located near to Yangyang town in Gangwon province. The beach is very picturesque with dazzling white sand and the sea water is clear and deep. Naksan Beach is also popular since it’s located close to Mountain Seoraksan, which is one of the most popular national park in Korea.

mangsang beach korea

3. Mangsang Beach in Gangwon-do

Mangsang Beach is one of the most popular beach on the eastern coast of the peninsula, as it is characterized by beautiful white sands, shallow waters, and is located in a neighborhood full of leisure facilities. This large, sandy beach has clean and shallow waters ideal for families with children. There are plenty of hwae (raw fish) restaurants, pubs, and hotels, and a small amusement park.

daecheon beach korea

4. Daecheon Beach in Chungcheongnam-do

Daecheon Beach is the biggest beach on the west coast, is known for its shallow waters and calm waves, making it the perfect place for a family getaway. In the summer this 3km-long stretch of white sand becomes a sea of people, having fun in the water by day, then drinking and letting off fireworks until the early hours. It’s also known for the Boryeong mud festival, a week-long event that seems to rope in almost every expat in the country. This is one of the most enjoyable festivals in Korea (visit www.boryeongmudfestival.com for more details).

bijindo korea

5. Bijin Beach in Bijin Island

This gorgeous island off the coast of Tongyeong in the southern part of the Korean peninsula, has a unique geographical feature: a powdery white strip of sand tethering two ends of the island together. Bijin-do is a great weekend getaway for swimming, laying on the beach or hiking to some awesome views.