Gimhae Airport Booth
김해공항 (사진1)

Please note that the pick-up and return counter in Gimhae airport is in the International Terminal. The counter is located between Gate 3 and 4 on the first floor. Find PLAY WiFi Rental Center as in the picture above.

Operation hour : Everyday, 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM

Please show your reservation confirmation email to the staff at the counter to receive your pocket wifi. If you arrive in Korea before or after our operating hours, please leave your accommodation information in the “Comments” section of our reservation form, then we will send it to your accommodation at no extra charge.

Please keep in mind that Gimhae Airport pocket wifi pick up is not the only option. We have other various places you can pick up. Please check the below locations if you will not be arriving in Korea through Gimhae Airport.

We also have the option of free shipping to your accommodation. Please check here if you wish to get your pocket wifi at your accommodation.

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