Fun things to do along Han River in Seoul

With spring already here and summer coming up soon, many of you are probably looking for some outdoor activities and exercise outside of the clubs ^^. Here are some fun activities that you can do along the popular Han River that is easily accessible from many different parts of Seoul.

1. Riding bikes

Don’t worry if you have no bike! Seoul has placed several bike rental stations along the river. Prices are typically a reasonable 3,000 won an hour, and if you’re with your significant other tandem bikes are also available for that leisurely yet still romantic day out. There’s nothing quite like absorbing in the spectacular landscape surrounding the Han River while cruising comfortably on your bike!

2. Amsa Ecological Park

If you want to escape into some nature without going out of Seoul Amsa Park is the perfect place to get a dose of wildlife! This area is very rich with botany with a diversity of birds to welcome you.

To get here take exit number 3 out of Amsa Station (Line 8).

3. Windsurfing

Want to try something new? Try out windsurfing along the Han River! Many people can be seen by the docks getting their gear ready to handle the waves and wind. There are plenty of instructors to give tips and advice to aspiring windsurfers, so no need to worry if you are a beginner. A 4 day wind surfing package runs for 200,000 won, and if you reserve an instruction session all the necessary gear will be provided at your convenience! We recommend to check out the Zooty Club by Ttukseom Resort (line 2) exit 2.

4. Basketball, Skateboarding & Inline Skating

Basketball is big in Korea and hence there are basketball courts scattered all along the beautiful Han River. One of the more popular spots is by Banpo Park (exit 4 out of Apgujeong Station, line 3). There are about 6 courts and the area is usually crowded, unfortunately there are no lights during the night so better head over there during the daytime.

You’ll be surprised but there is also a decent skateboarding area for all of you skateboarding lovers! Bring your skates and take exit 2 out of Ttukseom Resort (line 2). As skateboarding is not popular among the masses yet, chances are your mediocre skills back home may impress the locals around here.

On the contrary Inline skating has fastly become one of the more popular activities in Korea! Ichon (Ichon Station, Line 1 & 4, Exit number 4) is a good area for skating purposes, and the rink is open from 9 am-6 pm for 2,000 won per hour of skating and an additional 2,000 for skate rentals.

5. Camping

Camping is really huge in Korea nowadays! As soon as it gets warmer many people will start camping outside. The Nanji Camping Site (Line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station, exit 1 – 20 minute walk) along the river serves as the ideal location for some outdoor time with nature and some barbecue. And to not get bored there are many sports options to take on nearby.

6. Boat Trip

To discover the Han River the best option is to hop on a Ferry for a cruise. Simply head down to Yeouido Port and take the next available boat as reservations can’t be made for this attraction. For those of you party people there are every now and then so called ‘booze cruises’ throughout the year. This special event typically runs around 50,000 won and provides guests with all you can drink beer for a few hours.

Ready to get out? ^^