Colorful Fall Escapes in Korea’s Mountains

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

Green, orange, yellow to a rich palette of vibrant red colors,  a nature’s way of notifying us that Autumn has finally arrived. Although Korea offers many nice places within the city to enjoy autumn leaves, mountains are, needles to say, the best site to do that!

This year’s peak foliage is expected to hit the central region around late October, and the southern region around early November. So hit the road to witness the splendor of the changing of the seasons!

1. Seoraksan Mountain

Seoraksan Mountain is for most Koreans the starting point and a main attraction of the splendid autumn foliage in Korea. The mountain lies across multiple regions in Gangwon-do Province including Sokcho, Yangyang and Inje.

Seoraksan offers beauty throughout the seasons. Mountain cliffs, rocks, valleys and waterfalls, however the scenery of ‘Daecheongbong (1,708m)’ Seoraksan’s tallest mountain peak is the most beautiful in autumn being covered in bright colors.

There are plenty of hiking trails along the mountainside. But the best places to view leaves are Cheonbuldong Valley, Osaek Mineral Spring, Osaek Jujeongol and Baekdam Valley.

Seoraksan Mountain, Korea

2. Odaesan Mountain

This site is also a popular vacation site year round. You will find many campers and guests at natural recreation forest lodges, especially during peak foliage season around mid-October. During busier times, the road from Myeonggae-ri, located to the north of Woljeongsa Temple, often offers more convenient access to Odaesan Mountain.

Odaesan Mountain. Korea

3. Naejangsan Mountain

Next to Seoraksan, Naejang is also visited by many. The most remarkable feature of this mountain during autumn is the tunnel of multicolored maple trees that begins at the ticket office. And a fun fact, the name Naejang means ‘many secrets’ in the mountain. Definitely worth exploring them!

Naejangsan Mountain, Korea

4. Juwangsan Mountain

Characterized by rocky peaks, deep valleys and elegant waterfalls, this mountain is a popular destination for nature photographers and of course hikers. Its main hiking trail, which runs through the Sangui Parking Lot, Kaldeunggogae Ridge,  Hurimegi, Waterfall No.1 and back to the parking lot, takes approximately four hours to complete, despite the fact that Juwangsan Mountain is only 721 meters above sea level.

Juwangsan Mountain, Korea

Go, go go! Enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves!^^