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Korea Internet Guide: 3 Ways To Stay Connected In Korea For Hong Kong Travellers

August 15, 2014
What Is The Best Way To Stay Connected In Korea: Roaming vs Pocket WiFi vs SIM Card 1. International Data Roaming Our first option in this Korea Internet Guide is data roaming. All four mobile operators in Hong Kong provide...
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8 Ways to Cut Data Roaming Costs during Your Trip to Korea

May 14, 2014
In the age of the iphone & Galaxy, we’ve become used to having internet access at our fingertips. Even when on holiday abroad, it’s tempting to use your mobile to update your Facebook status or access Google maps or Trip...
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Everland Discount Coupon

Everland Discount Coupon for Pocket WiFi Korea Customers Take a picture or print the Everland Discount Coupon below to get more than 30% discount. You need to use the Everland Discount Coupon at the Group Ticket Office. Show your ID with...
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Tax Refund Now Available for Hotel Stays

Tax Refund Now Available for Hotel Stays

March 17, 2014
In an aim to attract to more overseas visitors, the Korean government will implement a tax refund policy on hotel stays starting April 1, 2014. This incentive policy is applicable to international visitors who stay more than two nights but...
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2014 Cherry Blossom Forecast

Cherry Blossom in Korea : 2014 Forecast

March 16, 2014
Cherry Blossom in Korea Cherry Blossom in Korea 2014. Cherry blossoms, one of spring’s most iconic flowers, are expected to bloom two to three days later than last year. One of the major factors affecting the blooming dates is the...
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seoul best accommodations

Seoul Stay: A handy map for finding accommodations in Seoul

March 10, 2014
For the benefit of tourists looking for a place to stay in Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has published ‘Seoul Stay,’ a handy guide that contains a list of accommodation facilities with their locations marked on the map. The map...
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2014 Expected Blooming Dates of Spring Flowers

March 5, 2014
In Korea, the forsythias and azaleas serve as cheerful harbingers of spring. This year, they are expected to bloom a day later compared to 2013, which is also one to three days earlier than average. Forsythia blossoms are expected to...
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