Best 5 ski and snowboarding resorts in South Korea

Korea is one of those countries that are blessed with many mountains. Actually a whole 70 % of its landscape is mountains! No wonder you can find ski and snowboarding resorts all over the peninsula!

Most of the ski and snowboarding resorts are located around Gangwon-do, a region in the north-east that gets most of the annual snowfall. But there are also many ski resorts just outside Seoul! All of the resorts have modernly equipped facilities, rental equipment for every size and a big range of slopes (from green circle slopes to double black diamond slopes), a little something for everyone!

So let’s have a look at the best ski & snowboarding resorts:

Yongpyong Resort (Gangwon-do, Pyeongchang)
Yongpyong Resort, Ski Korea

A 3 hour drive away from Seoul lies the biggest ski and snowboarding resort in Korea, Yongpyong Resort. It is well known for holding international events such as Winter Asian Games and World Cup Ski contest. With 31 slopes of different difficulty levels everyone will easily find something for its own taste and skill. The Rainbow course is probably one of the most fun slopes skiers and snowboarders can experience in Korea. It is the longest course with numerous intersections and high above the sea level at 5,600 meters. For beginners the Mega Green course is the top choice. It is 700 meters long and is one of the widest slopes in Korea, so less worries of bumping into other fellow skiers and snowboarders.

Operating hours:

Daytime 08 : 30 – 16 : 30
Morning 08 : 30 – 12 : 30
Afternoon 12 : 00 – 16 : 30
Night 18 : 00 – 22 : 00
Midnight 22 : 00 – 24 : 30

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Vivaldi Park (Gangwon-do, Hongcheon, Near Seoul)
Vivaldi Park, Korea

With only an hour drive from Seoul, Vivaldi Park is popular among visitors staying in Seoul and looking for a winter day trip getaway. Vivaldi Park offers courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced. If you are a night owl you can also buy a night ski pass and ride till early morning. For those who would like to stay here more then 1 day, Vivaldi Park has the largest accommodation facility and is located right in front of the ski slopes!

Operating hours:

Daytime 08 : 30 – 17 : 00
Evening 18 : 30 – 22 : 30
Night time 22 : 30 – 05 : 00

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Phoenix Park (Gangwon-do, Pyeongchang)
Phoenix Park, Korea

Beautiful natural scenery, excellent quality of snow and a mountain top restaurant are just a few of the reasons why Phoenix Park makes another excellent ski and snowboarding location. Kdrama fans may also recognize this place from the very popular drama Winter Sonata. Phoenix Park is also known for its snowboarding park which attracts many avid snowboarders nationwide. It is complete with a half-pipe, tabletop, round quarter, rails and the 2,2 km panorama slope. And for those who would like to improve their skiing skills, a skiing school is also available.

Fun fact: The slopes of Phoenix Park will be used in 9 events in the upcoming Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games!

Operating hours:

Daytime: 10 : 30 – 15 : 30
Night: 18 : 30 – 22 : 30
Midnight: 22 : 00 – 01 : 00
All Night: 23 : 30 – 04 : 30

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Bears Town Ski Resort (Pocheon, Near Seoul)
Bears Town Ski resort, Korea

Another place for a great one day trip from Seoul is Bears Town. It is about 50 minutes away from Seoul and can be easily reached with public transportation (see bellow). The resort offers a total of ten slopes, one for experts, two slopes for advanced, three slopes for advanced/intermediate, two slopes for intermediate and two slopes for beginners. It is also a popular place for those who do not know how to ski but still want to enjoy the snow, as it has a long sledding hill measuring 400 meters in length.

For visitors that do not have their own gear, clothes and equipment can be rented at the spot.

Operating hours:

Morning 09 : 00 – 13 : 00
Afternoon 12 : 30 – 17 : 00
Evening 18 : 30 – 24 : 00
Early Morning 24 : 00 – 04 : 00 (on Fridays, weekends, public holidays, holiday eves)
Early morning 24 : 00 – 04 : 00

Directions: Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 4 and take Bus No.11 to Bears Town. Walk approximately 15 Bears Town Ski Resort

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Konjiam Resort (Gwangju, Near Seoul)

Konjiam Resort, Korea

Konjiam Resort is the largest ski resort that is near to Seoul. It offers nine slopes of various difficulties, but most of the slopes (six) are intended for beginners and intermediate skiers. The resort also limits  its number of daily skiers to a maximum of 7,000 skiers per day in order to keep a short waiting time (~10 minutes). In addition, visitors can enjoy ecological streams through the resort complex and botanical gardens.

Operating hours:

Monday – Friday 09 : 00 – 04 : 00
Saturday -Sunday & Public Holidays 07 : 00 – 04 : 00

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