3 Chuseok Points to Check Out

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Deoksugung Palace

Flying back to the old days

1.  Experience Korean Traditional Folk Play in the beautiful Deoksugung Palace and even win prizes in a ‘Chuseok’ atmosphere!
2.  Spend a memorable night dressed in Hanbok for free!

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다각형 Location : Seojong Daero 99, Jung-gu, Seoul (04519)

Deoksugung Palace in front of the Hamnyeongjeon Hall

다각형 Days Open : 9/30 (Sat.) ~ 10/9 (Mon.)

다각형 Time : 09:00~18:00

다각형 Price : Free (during this event)

다각형 Official Homepage : http://www.deoksugung.go.kr/eng/index.asp

다각형 Phone Number : 82.2.771.9951(office) / 82.2.751.0734(information room)

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Busan Museum

Wish upon a full moon

1.  Create your own wish holding moon mirror and write your wish to the moon.
2.  After experiencing Korean Folk play check out Korea’s traditional dance performance that has a special story!

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다각형 Location : Daehyun 4th Building 948-1 Busan Metropolitan City Museum

다각형 Days Open : 10/3 (Tues.) ~ 10/5 (Thurs.)

다각형 Time : 10:30~16:00

다각형 Price : Free

다각형 Official Homepage : http://english.busan.go.kr/museum/index

다각형 Phone Number : 82.51.610.7111

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National Hangeul Museum

Beauty of Hangeul on Hangeul Day

1.  Join in on this special event to print your own Hunminjeongeum (Korean script) by woodblock printing and create an unique Hangeul T-shirt. (10/8 Sunday)
2.  Try learning Hangeul with all your senses by creating a Hangeul bouquet, Hangeul crown and also try dressing up as Korean fairy tale characters! (10/9 Monday)

More Info

다각형 Location : 139 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

(Between National Museum of Korea and Yongsan Family Park)

다각형 Days Open : 10/8 (Sun.) ~ 10/9 (Mon.)

다각형 Reservations : Creating Hangeul T-shirt


다각형 Time : 10/8 (Sun) : 14:00~20:00 / 10/9 (Mon) : 10:00~20:00

다각형 Price : Free

다각형 Official Homepage : http://www.hangeul.go.kr/lang/en/

다각형 Phone Number : 82.2.2124.6200