Top 5 Unique Desert Joints in Itaewon

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Monster Cupcakes

Scary cupcakes? More like adorable!

1.  True to the cafes name, “Monster Cupcakes” styles delicious toppings and rich cream into the shape of cute little edible monsters.
2.  The cupcakes are not only a feast for the eyes but also a party in your mouth! Korean celebrities have even posted pictures of them on social media to express their adoration.

More Info

다각형 Location : Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong 305-7

다각형 Days Open : Closed on Mondays

다각형 Time : 12:00 ~ 22:00

다각형 Price : 4,000won ~ 5,000won

다각형 Official Homepage :

다각형 Phone number : 82.2.790.1108

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Banana Tree

Desserts designed by Mother Nature

1.  The signature dessert of “Banana Tree” is hands down the Flower Paap. It has a striking resemblance to a real flower pot but is actually filled with yummy cake and cream.
2.  If you have a serious sweet tooth, try the Cotton Candy latte! The syrupy latte is served with a fluffy wad of cotton candy on top creating a perfect harmony of soft and sweet.

More Info

다각형 Location : Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-ro 259

다각형 Days Open : Everyday

다각형 Time : Mon~Sat: 11:00~21:00, Sunday: 12:00~20:00

다각형 Price : Flower Paap 5,800won / Cotton Candy Latte 6,300won

다각형 Official Homepage :

다각형 Phone number : 82.2.3442.6050

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Swi:t B

Ready your phones before the ice-cream melt!

1.  “Swi:t B” is a soft ice cream shop that uses only Italian artisanal oil. The soft ice cream is topped with jellies and cookies that are used to make various cute animal shapes.
2.  If you wish, you can choose toppings of your preference like fruit syrup to create your own unique ice-cream. Although there’s usually a long line, it will be worth the wait!

More Info

다각형 Location : Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong 211-2

다각형 Days Open : Everyday

다각형 Time : 12:00 ~ 22:00

다각형 Price : Mixed Cookie & Jelly & Chocolate / Cup 4,800won, Cone 5,300won

다각형 Official Homepage :스윗비-Swit-B-195025137365561

다각형 Phone number : 66.2.792.0749

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A flavor jackpot at the end of the rainbow roll

1.  The first thing will catch your eye upon walking into the store is the rainbow cake. Seven vibrantly colored sheets of bread are wrapped around a luscious earl gray cream.
2.  You will also see other unique roles cakes with giraffe and milk cow patterns! Your mouth will be filled with wonder at the soft texture of the moist cake and rich cream.

More Info

다각형 Location : FRANK, 1st floor, 258-228, Itaewon 2-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea 140-857

다각형 Days Open : Everyday

다각형 Time :  12:00 ~ 22:00

다각형 Price : Rainbow Roll cake 17,000won / Giraffe Roll Cake 16,000won

다각형 Official Homepage :

다각형 Phone number : 82.70.8156.5459

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This just in: Desserts can be healthy too

1.  The statement that all desserts are unhealthy is old news! “Plant” is a vegan café that serves not only healthy burgers and burritos but also tasty plant-based desserts.
2.  Even without butter and milk, the cakes boast astonishingly creamy and soft textures. For all the brave, strong-willed vegans in Korea, hopefully, this café helps!

More Info

다각형 Location : 1st Floor, 63-15 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

다각형 Days Open : Closed on Sundays

다각형 Time :  11:00 ~ 20:00

다각형 Price : Carrot Cake 5,500won / Blueberry cake 5,000won

다각형 Official Homepage :

다각형 Phone number : 82.70.4115.8388