Top 3 Beautiful Book Cafés in Seoul

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Jinsun Book Café

Enjoy books with nature

1.  The Jinsun Book Cafe has a panoramic view of the Korean folk museum beyond its low iron fence. The café has over 3,000 books as its name and is famous for its peaceful atmosphere.
2.  The café’s outdoor garden terrace is also a hot spot. People say that even without air conditioning, nature’s cool breeze is refreshing enough to enjoy the books in the summer.

More Info

다각형 Location : Samcheongno, Jongno-gu 59, Seoul, Korea 03054

다각형 Days Open : Closed on Mondays

다각형 Time : 12:00 ~ 21:30

다각형 Price : Panini Set 10,800 won, Nutella Chocolate Bread 8,500 won

다각형 Official Homepage :

다각형 Phone number : 82.2.737.5977

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Red Book Café

A breath of fresh air in the midst of dense city buildings

1.  There are three floors of this café. The 1st floor has a place where customers may order drinks, on the 2nd there is a small bookstore and space where people can read.
2.  However, the 3rd floor is by far the most interesting because there is an open recording studio where the Red Book Café podcast is made, and anyone is free to come and watch.

More Info

다각형 Location : 1-3 Floor, Sungjin Building, 412-4 Hwajeong-dong, 27 Dogok Road, Mapo-gu, Seoul

다각형 Days Open : Open all year

다각형 Time : 08:20 ~ 23:30

다각형 Price : Americano 4,500 won, Café Latte 5,000 won

다각형 Official Homepage

다각형 Phone number : 82.2.332.1995

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Soomdo Book Café

Find peace riding through the brilliant grass fields of the Olympic Park

1.  Café Soomdo is a place to relax and to find your true self. According to its official homepage, its motto is the “beauty of small things” and the “beauty of things not revealed”.
2.  The store focuses on its efforts to keep everything healthy and natural so all of the food served in the café is made with organic ingredients and delicious seasonal fruits.

More Info

다각형 Location : 7-1, Sindo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

다각형 Days Open : Closed on Sundays

다각형 Time : 10:00 ~ 22:30

다각형 Price : Cheese Sandwich 4,000 won

다각형 Official Homepage

다각형 Phone number : 82.2.717.3535