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Top 3 Stunning Campuses in Seoul

November 2, 2017
Kyung Hee University Where young love blooms 1.  That fresh sensation of youth is in the air! Kyung Hee University is famous for its elegant buildings that resemble Cathedrals and their seamless coalescence with nature. 2.  Due to the campuses...
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Top 3 Lotte World Festivals

October 31, 2017
Horror Halloween See two sides of Halloween 1.  During the day enjoy cute rides, lovely, adorable parades and plays with food decorated for Halloween. 2.  When night comes get a realistic zombie make-over, fight zombies and enjoy the scariest day....
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Top 3 Best Busan Restaurants

October 30, 2017
Old Omakjip The most famous place in Busan that serves the best grilled beef tripe 1.  The place is so famous and well known that it is always overflown with customers. 2.  It is known to have the best secret...
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Top 5 Korean Fall Festivals

October 25, 2017
Seoul Eulalia Festival A way to welcome autumn 1.  Enjoy the beautiful night view of Seoul that is only for seven days of the festival. 2.  Known as one of the most dynamic festivals in Seoul with its 7 different...
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Top 3 Outdoor Amusement Parks

October 24, 2017
E-world Enjoy both the nature and rides in Daegu! 1.  Experience 4 different outdoors worlds created for you within the amusement park. 2.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery, trick eye museum, and the 83 Tower all in one destination! More Info...
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Top 5 Kwangjang Market Street Foods

October 19, 2017
Bindaetteok Enjoy a drink with Korea’s traditional comfort food 1.  If you are one who likes a drink once in a while, bindaetteok is the dish that goes perfectly with Korea’s traditional drink “makgeolli”. Why don’t you invite your friends...
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Top 3 Unique School Festivals

October 18, 2017
Dongguk University Festival Celebrate Buddha’s Birthday! 1.  Enjoy the festival while looking at the colorful lotus lanterns and the Noble Eightfold Path!! 2.  Take a walk to the Namsan tower afterward to see the beautiful nightscape of Seoul. More Info...
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